Pretest, posttest, and longitudinal data from participants illustrates that the course has a strong, positive impact.

Students show strong, significant changes in...

These same measures are associated with significantly reduced chances of assault within the next 6 months. In fact, Elemental participants experience a nearly 66% reduction in assault risk and 94% of the students who have encountered an awkward or dangerous and sexually-charged situation since taking Elemental have used what they learned to effectively protect themselves.

Participants' Reactions to Elemental

The program is positively impacting the individuals it was created to serve. Students feel Elemental addresses "very important information," illustrates "real life situations," teaches techniques that "could keep [them] safe," and inspires "confidence." When asked if they would recommend the program to others, participants consistently say such things as: "Yes, I would! I really enjoyed it and I think it is very useful to life" and "I would absolutely recommend this seminar to others; instead of fearing the unknown, I feel more like I can deal with a situation physically, emotionally, and verbally."